We have to fear less to be fearless

Recently, I have been extremely introspective. It is my goal to become a healthier human being, in mind, body, and spirit. As I am on this journey, I have been called to my higher purpose, to serve others in my community, and to create a community of healing. My introspection has led me to face my past fears of trauma as a result of physical and psychological forms of gender-based violence.

I have decided to speak out about this topic, and how I have found solace in writing, through a podcast — FearLESS. This podcast will include insightful conversations with Indian/South Asian guest speakers on how art is used as a way to heal minds, bodies, and spirit. We will also provide tools on how you can craft your own story to transform your experience by reclaiming your identity.

Debashis Biswas on Unsplash

If you know someone that would be a great fit to interview on this topic, please contact me via www.kayfrancescacoelho.com.

I hope you can help me, help create a safe healing community for South Asian Indian women around the world.



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