• Brian Gwaltney

    Brian Gwaltney

    Personal Trainer, Web Developer, Businessman, Traveler. Creator of www.yourstrengthcoach.com.

  • Ayush_jn


    Enigmatic Engineer. Struggling to see what's beyond appearances.

  • Natasha Monteiro

    Natasha Monteiro

    My personal guide to dealing with different aspects of life that I’ve picked up along the way. Hope it inspires you.

  • dog


    from dog, with love

  • More ThanThisss (Infi

    More ThanThisss (Infi

    I was born wondering. I asked questions that made my parents a bit nervous such as “who am I, REALLY? Why are we living on this ball?”

  • Susan Wands

    Susan Wands

    Susan Wands writer, tarot reader, actor — I write about history, paranormal incidents, & driving in NYC on my Vespa.

  • Alireza Zare

    Alireza Zare

    Writer, University Lecturer, Public Speaker

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