I remember how much you hurt me.
How I cried nights because you betrayed me.
How I couldn’t trust you,
How deep in fear I lived.

Still do.

Continue to hurt me.

I remember how happy I was. We were. On the outside.
Oh what a great life.

How I repressed my feelings and put a smile on.
How I never felt a part of,
Always an outsider,
In my own home.

How I lived a different life,
In a bubble with myself.
Never with others.
How you never understood me,
And still don’t.

I realize the way I felt,
And still feel,
Is because of me.
Not because of you.
Because I —
Think differently,
I hurt myself for expecting you to think like me



“I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien.” I write. Poetry is life. I host a podcast. I’m constantly healing. Above all, I’m kind to allkind”

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