I sit in silence, sometimes wondering

How easy it is for me to love

To show care

Affection, and most of all consideration

My path to spirituality and love has been so easy.

Yet you struggle to show kindness as part of a basic human attribute

I sit in silence, wondering

How so many people in this country, can’t

Even if they tried to.

Understand compassion and show care, empathy

To everyone around them

Why this country can’t.

all we do is want to compete.

With each other. and ourselves.

All we want to do is make more money.

Spend more.

Enjoy your money more.

Show-off more

To your neighbors, our neighbors

Who should be our friends and not our foe

Our neighbors who can help.

And we continue to treat each other with blatant distance

Treat our friends, family, our loves

With the greatest disregard.

This country, I hate saying “we” because I am not with you.

I am just me, alone, a stranger

In this country

Who continues to

shun me

bully me

and never with me.

I hope I don’t become one with them.

I hope the wounds and scars they have given me

will not distance me from love and I will continue my path to being closer to a higher power.



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Francesca Coelho

“I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien.” I write. Poetry is life. I host a podcast. I’m constantly healing. Above all, I’m kind to allkind”